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And now for something a little bit healthier

This little Brandywine beauty had been sitting on our kitchen windowsill for a couple of weeks, slowly ripening. We ate it on Sunday with our customary fry-up. Just the raw, meaty slices – no cooking required. There are still a few more Brandywines left, plus some cherry tomatoes. I shall convert most of the latter into a spaghetti bolognaise today. We had over three pounds of green tomatoes too, which Mr Beans made chutney from last week. This weekend I finally chopped down our tomato plants, distributed the compost on our roses and placed the actual plants in a sack. Kindly neighbour lady is going to take them to her allotment for burning (along with the trimmings from when I pruned said roses).

I am in two minds about whether to save some Brandywine seeds, as I did last year. I didn’t take care to separate the varieties of container tomatoes so there may have been some cross pollination, which could turn out to have interesting results next year! Think I’ll order some pure-bred seeds on eBay but maybe try growing some saved seeds as an experiment.

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