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And now for a bit of good news: strawberries. Nom nom nom

Well, my tomatoes might be a washout but the strawberries out the front are going really well. I have already eaten my first few; they taste fab even when they’re not quite ripe.

The big pot in the back of the pic is one of three runner bean containers that I potted up today. I didn’t plant any runner bean seeds – it was one of my neighbours (who lives round the corner from us). He had more seedlings than he knew what to do with, and gave me some of his surplus. There are two big bean pots out the front, and one in the back. It’s on the top step by the back door, because that’s the only spot in our back garden where they stand an earthly against the monstrous horde of snails.

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Sad tomato seedlings are very, very sad

So… I planted tomato seeds indoors in the third week of April. The next month or so was unseasonably cold, which might explain why my tomato seeds have germinated but have “failed to launch”, so to speak. Now that the weather is a lot warmer I’ve potted them up and have put them outside. They can sink or swim – survival of the fittest. I’ve already bought a few tomato plants from a local bring and buy sale, and will probably buy more because I don’t think my own plants are going to go anywhere.

Here they are… they are sad, to say the least.

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