First real gardening job of the year

Today has been beautifully sunny – an ideal time to get out in the garden and mark what for me is the start of the gardening year. And what better way to do that than turn over the contents of our compost bin? The picture shows what was inside, after I’d taken away the top layer of recent stuff. As you can (just) see, it’s a worms’ paradise! Another layer down was the really yummy, well-rotted matter, which I moved to my specially-designed “compost hole” immediately to the left of the compost bin, before replacing the compost bin and sticking the less well-rotted stuff back inside. A handy tip for anyone who loves gardening but doesn’t want to get their hands too dirty: wear builder’s gloves. The palms have a rubberised layer which protects your hands, but the gloves are thin enough for you not to feel as though you’re trying to tie your shoelaces while wearing boxing gloves.

Another couple of months, and whatever’s in the compost hole will be ready to use. I ascribe the success of my tomato crops over the last two years to the use of pure home-made compost, so fingers crossed for this year!